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Oil Mill Seed Specific Example Solutions

Here you can see a selection of exemplary overall projects and plant configurations for the particular type of seed. The examples are for price orientation and may differ depending on the system configuration.


Screw Presses

The heart of the Florapower oil mills are the self-developed and produced universal vegetable oil presses / oil presses, seed-specific oil presses and hard core oil presses. A specially developed process control system ensures the optimal interaction of the individual components.

Universal Oil Press


The Florapower universal oil press is a robust and easy-care machine, the right solution for most oilseeds. It has: a dosing preheating, narrowing screw segments, stepless adjustable pressing gap, stainless steel funnel, special bearing for design for reverse drive, and much more. It is possible to process a wide variety of seeds and raw materials. The press cake falls in chip form down from the press.



The I_Press® screw press concept enables cost-effective entry into professional and efficient seed processing. The presses can be delivered completely ready for use (I_PressEASY configuration), which enables a cost-efficient and fast production start. If required, the presses can be retrofitted with our specially developed, fully automatic and self-learning “PressPilot®” control system, in order to obtain a fully automated complete production line.


AF – Press Series


The AF press series is a solid cylinder hole press for semi-professional application and ideally suited for many different kinds of raw materials.




Information Centre

Useful information about the properties and uses of different oilseeds.

Fields of application and processable seeds

Depending on the intended use of the oil, our presses can be used in cold and hot pressing.

The following list shows only a part of the possible oilseeds that can be processed with our presses. Detailed information about these can be found in our Information Centre menu, or by clicking on the individual seed link.

Chia Pumpkin Seed Sacha Inchi
Peanut Camelina Sallow Thorn
Hemp – Cannabis Linseed Black Cumin – Nigella
Hazelnut Almond Mustard Seed
Elderberry Corn Germ Sesame
Jatropha Poppy Soybean
Jojoba Moringa Sunflower Seed
Coffee Bean African Palm Kernel Grape Seed
Cocoa Bean Bell Pepper Seed Walnut
Karité Nut / Shea Rapeseed – Canola Wheat Germ
Coconut Castor – Ricinus  

If you want to process oilseeds or material that is not listed above, please contact us and we will provide you detailed consultation and organize a press trial in our technical center in Augsburg.


Service and Support

Florapower customers trust in us because Florapower provides unique support and service – worldwide.

We also support you in the construction planning and implementation (assembly) of your project, as well as in the financing of your plant.

Financial Advise

We are happy to advise and assist you with possible financing models, for example such as letter of credit.


Only a producing plant generates profit. Therefore, we continuously optimize our products and help our customers to maximize plant availability and to maintain production.

In addition to the extensive service, we also provide first-class support:

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