About Us

Planning, preparation and execution of global oil mills for vegetable oil extraction

Florapower deals with renewable resources. The company was founded in December 2006 in Augsburg. Two founders and 100% owners are qualified industrial engineers with experience in automotive supply industry.

We develop and create production facilities for plant oil from seeds. We deal with renewable resources because it is a big necessity of our time and a matter close to our hearts. There is a lot of potential in this spehere so that it has a great fertile ground for new ideas.

We produce complete, automated and environmentally friendly facilities. Our plants have a high degree of squeezing and get along with small operating effort and costs. Our clients achieve in the long term a high contributaion margin with the Florapower plants.

In cooperation with our clients, we constantly develop new solutions, which let us make the process of oil extraction more efficient. At our technical center this ideas take shape hereinafter. Our facilities are made only in Germany. We handle with highly specialized companies from Augsburg-region.

The basic products of Florapower were internally developed and produced universal presses. As time goes by more and more products came along, e.g. seed preheating unit, hard kernel press, soybean processing plant, coarse filter, centrifugal peeler, flow vibration heater and pre-press for very oily seeds. A specially developed control ensures an optimal interaction of separate components.

Our energy efficient and completely automated plants process over all rappeseed, soybean and sunflower seed (peeld and unpeeled). With all seeds, listed in Infothek, we have made press trials. With not listed seeds we would like to collect trials. Through projects for soybean processing with companies Meika and Vitakorn we got a high expertise in urease reduction.

Even if we haven´t been on the market for a long time yet, we are proud of our success and our satisfied clients.