Hard Kernel Press

I_Press HARD – Hard kernel Oil Press

The design enables an oil temperature below 40°C with a high degree of pressing out of the seeds. For example, 5.3% oil can be pressed out of grape seeds with only 11.6% fat content, which corresponds to a residual fat content in the press cake of 6.3%. Due to the slow screw speed and the relatively large strainer basket, the seed can be processed very gently.

Possible applications: Grape seeds, pomegranate seeds, and elderberry seeds, etc.

Oil SeedsOil Content
raw material *
Residual oil
in press cake *
Grape seeds11,6 %6,3 %
Pomegranate seeds23,3 %10,0 – 12,5%

Processing of other hard kernel varieties such as sea buckthorn, elderberry and rosehip kernels possible.
  • The data was determined in our technical centre by means of a laboratory test.
    Deviations can also occur due to seed quality.

Possible applications: Grape seeds, pomegranate seeds, and elderberry seeds etc.

For other hard seeds such as sea buckthorn, amaranth etc. we can organise pressing tests for you.

The Florapower hard seed oil press is intended for industrial use and impresses with the following properties:

  • Robust simple and functional construction. Easy accessibility and modular design.
  • Very energy-saving due to intelligent control.
  • Designed for 24h continuous operation
  • Parts in contact with oil made of stainless steel
  • Additional free oil drain. This counteracts “swallowing” of the press.
  • Press cake comes out of the press in chip form
  • Oil press can be supplied with feet (stand) on request

Possible combinations

  • Several oil presses can be easily connected to each other
  • Florapower seed preheating
  • In conjunction with a control system, the system can be operated fully automatically. This means that personnel costs can be minimised.
  • Combination with oil filtration and filter cake recirculation to the press