Information Centre

Useful information about the properties and uses of different oilseeds.

Fields of application and processable seeds

Depending on the intended use of the oil, our presses can be used in cold and hot pressing.

The following list shows only a part of the possible oilseeds that can be processed with our presses. Detailed information about these can be found in our Information Centre menu, or by clicking on the individual seed link.

ChiaPumpkin SeedSacha Inchi
PeanutCamelina Sallow Thorn
Hemp – CannabisLinseedBlack Cumin – Nigella
Hazelnut AlmondMustard Seed
ElderberryCorn GermSesame
JojobaMoringaSunflower Seed
Coffee BeanAfrican Palm KernelGrape Seed
Cocoa Bean Bell Pepper SeedWalnut
Karité Nut / SheaRapeseed – CanolaWheat Germ
CoconutCastor – Ricinus

If you want to process oilseeds or material that is not listed above, please contact us and we will provide you detailed consultation and organize a press trial in our technical center in Augsburg.