Control and Electronics

The specially developed Florapower process control system “Press-Pilot®” aims at optimally coordinating the production process and making it as stable, safe and efficient as possible. With the “Press-Pilot®” process control system, the entire process of oil extraction from preparation of the seeds before pressing, up to to the pure oil or processed press cake can be monitored and regulated.

Advantages of Florapower process control system:

  • Fully automatic control of the entire system (optimization of human resources, avoidance of operator errors, economical plant control, optimization of the working process).
  • Worldwide access to the system with a secure VPN connection via smartphone, PC and tablet possible (transparency and evaluation of the process).
  • Effective remote maintenance by Florapower possible.
  • Error management (optimization of the process based on existing messages (complete message history).
  • Intuitive operation of the system via touchscreen.
  • Many special functions such as statistics, operating hours counter, maintenance and wear monitoring, extraction and visualization of OEE indicators and customer-specific KPIs.
  • Multilingual user interface.
  • Different permission levels.