Extruder EN

The extruder was specially developed by us in order to increase the yield when pressing for certain types of seeds. The extruder opens the cell wall of the plant cell and makes the oil more accessible for the subsequent pressing process. The yield is thereby significantly increased.

The unique design and use of special components allow trouble-free and reliable operation in difficult conditions such as in a dusty environment.

The extruder has the following advantages:

  • Feed of the material from the side to improve the intake in the extruder.
  • Compact, robust and functional design.
  • High-torque magnetic permanent-magnet motor with integrated water cooling.
  • Easy accessibility and modular design.
  • Designed for 24h continuous operation.
Processing capacity * up to 1 t/h
Application: Soybeans and other oil seeds
Dimensions (L x W x H): 2165 x 825 x 1315 mm
Weight 1005 kg
Motor power 95 kW
Drive Synchronous Torque Motor
Power system 3 phases, 50Hz, 380V
* depending on seed and setting parameters
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