Chamber Filter Press

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The chamber filter press separates the sediment particles from the oil and produces trash-free oil according to the DIN / ISO standard. Its unique design allows for comfortable and safe operation while reducing oil losses to a minimum.

The advantages for you:

  • Closed clean oil removal prevents oxidation of the oil and thus preserves the product quality
  • Innovative drip tray system enables hygienic operation and reduces oil losses
  • Comfortable hydraulic locking system allows comfortable and safe operation
  • Available as stand-alone-unit or combined with all Florapower screw presses
I_Filter 80 I_Filter 160
Filtrations Volume80 liter 160 liter
(l x h x w) mm
1485 x 1761 x 14142035 x 1761 x 1414
Weight1021 kg1200 kg
Number of
Filter Plates

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