Cocoa Bean Processing and Cocoa Butter Extraction

Cocoa processing

Below you can see a sample calculation of a complete cocoa nib processing line with an indication of the capacity in kg per hour of cocoa nibs and the corresponding investment amount.

The production line guarantees a continuous and fully automated process with the highest yields and lowest production costs:

  • The residual fat in the press cake is less than 6%
  • Filtration losses are excluded by the recirculation of the filter cake to the pressing process
  • Press cake reaches temperatures of 130-140 ° C and ensures hygienic and microbiologically safe operation

The line includes following components and can be individually supplemented or adapted:

  1. Thermal conditioning of the cocoa nibs
  2. Efficient pressing with the Florapower screw presses
  3. Fully automatic filtration of the oil using a cricket filter (at 100 kg / h using a chamber filter press)
  4. Recirculation of the filter cake for the pressing process
  5. Turbid oil tank as a process buffer for continuous operation (24/7)
  6. Fully automatic process control system “Press-Pilot” with AI for adapting the production process to the quality of the raw material

Investment amount:

Capacity up to 100kg / h: € 247,499

Capacity up to 200kg / h: € 344,499

Capacity up to 500kg / h: € 474,999

Capacity up to 1000kg / h: € 868,999

* Budget system price net, exworks Augsburg – Germany