Soybean Oil Extraction

Soy Bean Oil Extraction

The following is a sample calculation of a complete soybean processing line including an indication of the capacity in kg per hour of raw soybeans and the corresponding investment amount.

Soja - Verarbeitungslinie

The line includes following components and can be individually supplemented or adapted:

  1. Daily silo for the raw soybeans
  2. Thermal pretreatment of the raw bean using our patented low-temperature treatment process with the “Florapower Thermo-Major”
  3. Efficient pressing of the bean with our screw press of the “I_Press” series
  4. Filtration of the oil solids with the “Florapower – I_Filter” – chamber filter press
  5. Recirculation of the filter cake to the pressing process (prevents filtration losses and increases the overall oil yield up to 5-8%)
  6. Removal and cooling of the press cake for the simple and microbiologically safe storage / processing
  7. A fully automated and self learning process control system “Forapower Press-Pilot” for the whole production line

Investment amount:

Capacity up to 100kg / h: 176.442 €

Capacity up to 500kg / h: 271.265 €

Capacity up to 1000kg / h: 471.262 €

Capacity up to 2000kg / h: 809.007 €

* Budget equipment net price, exworks Augsburg – Germany

The guide prices for pure thermal soy processing using Thermo-Major can be found here.

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