I_Press Series

The I_Press® screw press concept enables cost-effective entry into professional and efficient seed processing. The presses can be delivered with the ready-to-use „I_PressEASY“ configuration, which allows a cost efficient and rapid production start. If needed, the presses can be upgraded subsequently with our very own developed, fully automatied and self-learning Control System “PressPilot®”, to obtain a fully automa-
ted complete production line. The advantages for you:

  • Most intelligent Press on the market – with our Press-Pilot® Control System
  • A subsequent new investment for the Press, to automize the System is not necessary
  • You produce from the very first second with professional equipment at lowest self costs (electric efficiency and life time for wear parts) in best quality and design from Germany
  • The system can be scaled to achieve higher capacities later on
  • You Press with individually configured Equipment for constant high yields and qualities
  • You start your business with reduced investment costs and keep full flexibility for growth

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I_PressEASY configuration:

I_PressSMART configuration: Fully automatic and self-learning control system “PressPilot®”