P35 Press Concept

The press concept P35 involves a press system that is optimized for a specific seed, for the processing of 1 metric ton of seed per hour. The press concept P35 consists of pre-warming the seeds (conditioning); preparing the seeds with a stuffing screw to measure them; the seed-specific plant oil press P35.2.1, including the press cake crusher; and a coarse filtration.

The press concept P35 is characterized by the following advantages:

  • Constant processing capacity of 1 tonne per hour of the specified seed.
  • Seed-specific pressing process.
  • Optimal degree of pressing efficiency.
  • Gentle pressing process.
  • Coarse filtration with a filter cake feed in the pressing process.
  • Process stability.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Compact and sturdy functional construction.
  • Easy accessibility and modular assembly.
  • Intended for 24/7, continuous operation.

The innovations

  • Cage with 360° screening area.
  • Side-gated feed of semi-finished product to improve the material flow of the screw press.
  • Fines-strainer directly at the press to improve the press characteristics.
  • Precise preheating for efficient temperature control of the semifinished product.