VP15 Press – Pre Oil Press

The Florapower pre-oil press is designed for industrial use and offers the following features:

  • Robust simple and functional design. Easy accessibility and modularity. Rapid changeover to other crops.
  • Energy-saving because of intelligent control
  • Designed for non-stop operation (24h perday)
  • Oil-contacting parts made of stainless steel
  • Zusätzlicher freier Ölabfluss. So wird einem „verschlucken“ der Presse entgegengewirkt.
  • Press can be supplied on request with feet (stand)


  • Multiple oil presses can be easily joined together
  • Florapower seed preheating unit
  • Florapower vibration heater
  • For very oily seeds, there is a additional oil spout (Gulli).
  • For very oily seeds, there is the possibility of combination with the Florapower pre-press.
  • In conjunction with a control, the system can be operated fully automatically. Thus, the personnel costs can be minimized.