Oil U Want – Oil Mill

Oil U Want – Oil mill

The Oil U Want oil mill configuration combines different technologies and allows processing of almost all types of seeds and raw materials by using the same equipment in a high efficient and fully automated, continuous process.

This configuration represents the highest development status of an oil mill and is worldwide unique through the use of various patented technologies.

Almost all materials with an initial oil content of 10% or more can be processed, including high-oil-containing nuts and up to 100% peeled seeds such as sunflower and hemp seed!

We offer this configuration for the entire oil mill as well as only for the press.

Below you will find an example for the equipment. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and detailed quotations!


                                  (click on the picture for enlarged view)

Automated Oil Press Equipment Only: Consisting of Metering Screws, Seeds Conditioning, Oil Press, Control System.

A presentation of the “Oil-U-Want” configuration in operation with some types of raw material you can find here:

Peeled sunflower seeds:

Peeled hemp seeds:



For a detailed explanation of all fuctions and benefits of this concept, please watch our functional description video below: