Used Equipment and Components

Former Equipment of one of our customers: Pressure Leaf Filter in used condition: Body with filter leafs only or fully equipped

Automated filtration line for vegetable oils
Pressure leaf filter FV17
Filtration surface: 17 m²
Capacity: approx. 10,2 tonns per day for oil temperature of 30°-40°C
Dimensions (floor space and height):

2360 x 1600 ; 4085 mm

Volume: 1,69 m³
Air pressure for vibrator and pneumatical valves: 8 bar
Air consumption for filter cake drying with a pressure of 0,7 bar: 3,57 m³/min
Operating pressure for filter: 6 bar
Manufacturing date, Condition and Price:
  • Year 2008 – about 6 years out of use;
  • Used as in the photos: € 12,500
  • Refurbished: (sandblasted and repainted): € 15,500
Fully equipped:
Cyclone for air/oil separation: C 323 -50
Rotary-piston air blower: 6 kW
Bag filter SST: BF2″
Excentrical crew pump: 0,75 kW – 0,75
Steel construction for filter
Electrics, field instruments, pneumatics (set with fully automated control system)
Piping and valves SST (set)

Additional price for positions above: € 38,544 €

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