Caraway oil

Oil extraction

The cultivation of caraway is not very widespread. A little is cultivated in Europe, but otherwise it is cultivated in Egypt, Morocco, USA, Argentina and also in Chile.

The fatty oil of caraway can be obtained by pressing or also by extraction.


The colour of the oil ranges from light yellow to green-yellow and dark.

It smells very spicy-hot and tastes intensely of caraway.

In the composition of the oil, the coveted petroselinic acid stands out in particular. This is also particularly present in coriander oil. But the proportion of linoleic acid is also quite high in the fatty acid composition of caraway.


In pharmacy and medicine

Caraway oil is beneficial for digestion and helps with flatulence.

In technology

Because of its high petroselinic acid content, caraway oil can be used in much the same way as coriander oil. However, caraway oil is not used as often.

In the kitchen

Because caraway oil has a high content of the essential fatty acid linoleic acid and also has an intensely spicy caraway flavour, caraway oil is increasingly used in the food industry.

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