Business Dashboard and Remote Maintenance

Business Dashboard

For the overall economic planning of the company and for the continuous optimization of the production process it is indispensable for the upper management to have access to understandable, reliable and up-to-date data from the production process.

Our own developed process control system “Press-Pilot®” can be integrated into the entire production line as a higher-level control system.

The “Press-Pilot®” process control system is the world’s smartest and most advanced process control system for oil mills. In addition to the self-learning production routines that relieve the operator and ensure an autonomous, safe and efficient production process, it also offers numerous optional functionalities and features for the higher-level management:

  • Collect, analyze and archive live process data (locally or in the Florapower cloud)
  • Reliable recording of capacity and quantity parameters of production (allows local and temporal identification and localization of shrinkage in production)
  • Evaluation of process data and transformation in easy-to-understand graphical analysis
  • Create OEE numbers and custom KPIs
  • Archiving of operator statistics on operating parameters and maintenance work
  • Assistance with concrete derivations for process optimization (recognition of bottle-necks in the production process)
  • Hints for possible operator training (inefficient operation)

The Business Dashboard is available as an expansion package for the Press-Pilot® process control system and can be customized to meet your individual requirements.

Remote maintenance and online support

In addition to the business dashboard, we also offer uncomplicated online support and remote maintenance via a secure VPN connection to the production plant. 

In doing so, we have tailor-made maintenance contracts that actively support our customers in their production, ensure immediate accessibility to support on a time zone independent basis to minimize unplanned downtimes.

Please use the contact form for a request or contact us by phone for detailed advice and further information.