Spare Parts

All our plants and machines are designed for industrial use and continuous operation. We manufacture our equipment under our own direction and control under high quality standards in Germany. For key components such as gearboxes, bearings and motors, we rely on well-known international manufacturers.

The core components of our systems as well as the wear parts are mainly made of low-wear stainless steel, or of hardened tool steel (no abradable “miracle coatings” and the like).

Depending on the type of seeds and the quality of the seed cleaning (proportion of foreign matter in the seed), our wearing parts reach life times of several years under continuous production.

We have spare parts in stock for most screw configurations and system components and can ship them quickly if required. However, to ensure smooth operation and avoid unplanned downtimes, we recommend that you replace the wearing parts (mainly basket bars and screw rings) once a year, as well as stock a set of spare parts locally.