Flora-Oil Process

The “Flora-Oil” process developed by Florapower is a solvent-free refining process to purify vegetable oils from undesirable accompanying substances.

It is a patented process according to EP3148345A1.

By aqueous complex formation the emulsified oil accompanying substances are separated from the oil solvent-free.

With the “Flora-Oil” process it is possible to:

  • Remove off-flavors such as bitter substances
  • Remove missing colors
  • Emphasize or remove typical aromas
  • Reduce viscosity increases caused by accompanying substances
  • Eliminate the rancidity of the oil
  • Increase the smoke point of the oil
  • Increase the shelf life of the product

It is a certified organic purification process that preserves the typical sensory quality.

As this is not a thermal process (temperatures below 40 °C), no decomposition products harmful to health are produced.

The process can be adapted to many different starting materials and product properties by individually adjustable parameters.

The separated oil accompanying substances are retained and can then be separated and further processed.

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