Flora-Split Process

The “Flora-Split” process realizes the separation of proteins and dietary fibres from vegetable raw material.

Basic process steps in the Florapower laboratory plant:

The patented process makes it possible to use vegetable raw materials as well as vegetable residues economically.

The advantages are:

  • Provision of health-promoting dietary fibres and valuable proteins
  • High water-binding capacity (approx. 400 vol%) of the dietary fibers obtained with the Flora-Split process
  • Solvent-free production by natural and gentle digestion of the plant material in aqueous solution
  • No sensorily perceptible aromatic substances in the proteins and dietary fibres
    Increasing the value added from plant products
  • All plant ingredients with a weight percentage of >1% are extractable and can be used commercially
  • The products have a purity of approx. 80 wt.%.
  • Production plants are scalable at will
  • Sustainable method by recycling the process water used

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⦿ Looking_ahead_Oktober_2020

  • Operation of the pilot plant to optimize the flora split process and provision of samples
  • Optimization of fiber production from carrot and apple pomace
  • Determination of the process parameters for various herbal raw materials
  • Florapower is currently examining the process to meet the requirements of an organic certificate