Florapower Thermo-Major® Low Temperature Process

Thermo-Major Low temperature treatment for soy beans by Florapower
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The patented Florapower Thermo-Major® low temperature process is our in-house development and unique in the world. It allows the reliable, gentle and energy-efficient degradation of the trypsin inhibitors in the soy bean while preserving the nutritionally valuable ingredients in the bean such as the reactive lysine.

The advantages for you:

  • Reliable degradation of anti-nutritive factors while maintaining essential amino acid reactivity
  • Fully automatic and continuous process which is highly flexible.
  • Product parameters can be specifically adjusted to the respective animal species
  • Gentle and energy efficient process while avoiding local temperature peaks
  • Scalable process adaptable to different processing capacities
  • Unlike the usual hydrothermal process, the Thermo Major does not require steam. Thus, fewer system components are required: roller mill, steam generators and dryers eliminated.

The effectiveness of the process was proven by a field trial in a scientific work in collaboration with the University of Augsburg, as well as the company Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH.

Our customers were also able to achieve a significant reduction in the amount of feed and the growth time when feeding their animals with soy processed using Thermo-Major (piglets were fed that only needed 5 months instead of the original 6 months to achieve the desired weight).

Machine overview for THERMO-MAJOR gentle thermal treatment for Soj Beans:

Complete package consisting of dosing screw, thermal conditioning screws on frame, holding bunker, discharge screw, electrical material with fully automatic control system, installation material

Find examples of a total solution for the soy processing here.

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