Solvent-Free and Continuous CBD / THC Extraction

Solvent-free & continuous CBD / THC extraction 

Florapower has developed a unique process for the solvent-free, continuous and fully automated production of Full Spectrum CBD oil (CBD / THC oil).

Advantages for you:

  • the entire cannabis flower can be processed
  • the CBD / THC content can be freely chosen*
  • the process is continuous and fully automated – there is no need for an operator to be present at all times
  • the process control system Florapower – PressPilot adapts the process to the quality of the raw material (AI)
  • the capacity is scalable from 30 kg / h up to several tons / hour of cannabis flowers
  • extremely low cost price for CBD full spectrum oil production
  • outstanding product quality for full spectrum CBD oil in organic quality*
  • technology and product properties have been proven by laboratory tests
  • the process is very flexible. The offered solution is designed and adapted according to your requirements

The prices for the simplest configuration with a productivity of around 11 kg of CBD oil per hour start at around EUR 40,000.