Solvent-Free and Continuous CBD / THC Extraction

Solvent-free & continuous CBD / THC extraction 


Florapower has developed a unique process for the solvent-free, continuous and fully automated production of full spectrum – CBD oil (CBD / THC oil).

The advantages for you:

  • No solvents such as CO2 or ethanol are used. The whole process is purely mechanical and natural. The product is not isolate, but a natural full spectrum CBD oil with all the cannabinoids contained in the plant.
  • An existing organic certification of the product is not affected by the process
  • In contrast to CO2 and ethanol extraction, the Florapower process and therefore the product is still approved for sale and use in the EU and beyond
  • The entire cannabis flower with leaves can be processed
  • The CBD / THC content can be chosen freely *
  • the process is continuous and fully automatic – the product parameters are therefore constant and predictable
  • the process control system Florapower – PressPilot adapts the process to the quality of the raw material (AI)
  • The capacity is scalable from 30 kg / h up to several tons / hour of cannabis flowers.
  • extremely low production costs for full spectrum CBD oil production
  • Outstanding product quality for full-spectrum organic CBD oil *
  • Technology and product properties have been proven by laboratory tests
  • The process is very flexible and is designed and adapted directly according to your requirements (mechanical extraction, rate of concentration, filtration, decarboxylation, filling).
Laborytory results from recent press tests:
Cannabidoids Raw Material/ Biomass Oil after pressing Press cake after pressing concentration rate for oil
THC total 0,036% 0,097% 0,017% 269%
CBD total 1,052% 3,286% 0,595% 312%
CBDV total 0,050% 0,050% 0,050% 100%
THCV total 0,050% 0,050% 0,050% 100%
CBG total 0,050% 0,050% 0,050% 100%
CBC total 0,050% 0,152% 0,050% 304%
CBN total 0,050% 0,050% 0,050% 100%
Ratio CBD/THC                             29,22                               33,88                    35,00
Humidity 7,950% N/C 4,900%


Some Videos of the process:

You will find sample configurations and budget prices for solutions for processing unpeeled, partially dehulled and up to 100% dehulled hemp seeds, as well as solutions for the solvent-free automated production of full-spectrum CBD oil –>here.



Contact us for further information on the preparation of offers, the creation of samples with your biomass or the contract production of your natural and marketable full-spectrum CBD oil.

In addition to plant technology, we would also be happy to provide you consulatation on possible biomass processing technologies for decarboxylation, maximized CBD / THC spreading and reliable procurement sources for suitable biomass.