Oil production

Moringa oil is taken from the seeds of moringa tree. A cold-pressing process is used to produce the oil. The moringa seeds are gently pre-warmed to the press temperature and then fen into a screw press. The resulting products, moringa oil and moringa press cake, undergo direct further processing. The press cake is crushed and cooled prior to being further processed or passed on to storage. The oil is usually cleaned in several stages of purification (fine filtration, safety filtration) to become pure oil.

Oil presses for processing moringa

Characteristics and shelf life

Good Moringa oil should be pale yellowish. To have a mild nutty odor. Cold-pressed Moringa oil possesses a considerably high percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids (omega-9 fatty acids) and vitamins A, B, C. Therefore, it is very stable to oxidation and thus preserves without preservative long.


Pharmaceutical and medical use

Moringa oil has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. This has a positive effect on skin conditions and joint pain.

Cosmetic use

It is used to produce soaps, massage oils and skin care products.

Technical use

Moringa oil is often used here for the lubrication of watches as well as delicate instruments of precision mechanics.

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