Continuous CBD Extraction

Solvent-FREE & Continuous CBD/THC EXTRActION

Florapower has developed a unique process for solvent-free, continuous and fully automated production of full spectrum – CBD – oil (CBD/THC oil). The advantages for you:

  • No solvent such as CO2 or ethanol is used. The entire process is purely mechanical and natural. The product is not an isolate, but a natural full spectrum CBD oil, with all the cannabinoids contained in the plant.
  • An existing organic certification of the product is not affected by the process
  • In contrast to CO2 and ethanol extraction, the process (according to the current status in Austria) and thus also the product is not classified as a novel food, thus does not fall under the Novel Food Regulation and does not require warnings such as “not suitable for consumption” when placed on the market. On the contrary – it may be advertised directly as a food supplement and offers maximum transparency to the end customer (status in Austria).
  • The whole cannabis flower with leaves can be processed
  • The CBD / THC content can be chosen freely
  • the process is continuous and fully automatic – the product parameters are therefore constant and predictable
  • the Florapower process control system – PressPilot – adapts the process to the quality of the raw material (AI)
  • The capacity is scalable from 30 kg/h to several tons/hour of cannabis flowers.
  • Extremely low cost of goods sold for full spectrum CBD oil production
  • Excellent product quality for full spectrum CBD oil in organic quality *.
  • Technology and product properties have been proven by laboratory tests
  • The process is very flexible and is designed and adapted directly according to your requirements (mechanical extraction, rate of concentration, filtration, decarboxylation, bottling).
ConnabidoideBiomass bevore pressingOil after PressingPress cake after pressingConcentration factor biomass to oil
THC total0,036%0,097%0,017%269%
CBD total1,052%3,286%0,595%312%
CBDV total0,050%0,050%0,050%100%
THCV total0,050%0,050%0,050%100%
CBG total0,050%0,050%0,050%100%
CBC total0,050%0,152%0,050%304%
CBN total0,050%0,050%0,050%100%
Ratio CBD/THC                            29,22                              33,88                   35,00 

Hemp Oil

Contact us for more information on quoting and sample or contract production of your natural and marketable full spectrum CBD oil. In addition to plant technology, we are happy to provide additional advice on possible biomass processing technologies for decarboxylation, maximized CBD/THC spread, and reliable sourcing sources for suitable biomass.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Processing – Florapower CannaPress

Within the framework of a modular stand-alone extraction plant, we offer a plant concept on a “Plug & Press” basis, which can be expanded modularly on request. You will find further information in the following flyer and in a personal conversation.

We will be happy to advise you on this technology and show you options.

Contact us.