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Thermo-Major – Economical soy processing

The innovated Florapower Thermo-Major® low-temperature process is our in-house development and unique worldwide. It enables the safe, reliable, gentle and energy-efficient degradation of the trypsin inhibitors in legumes / soy beans while at the same time preserving the nutritionally valuable components of the bean such as the reactive lysine.

General advantages of this technology:

  • Reliable degradation of anti-nutritive factors while maintaining the reactivity of essential amino acids.
  • Extremely energy-efficient process, as only the bean is heated to the minimum required temperature (55-70kWh total consumption / ton of soya)
  • Fully automated and continuous process that can be flexibly and scaled to different proccessing capacities
  • Product parameters can be specifically adjusted to the respective animal species
  • Gentle process while avoiding local temperature peaks
  • eliminate the risk of fire and ensure permanently safe operation for man and machine (Healt&Safety).
  • The Thermo-Major can be operated either electrically only or as a hybrid solution with thermal oil or in combination with PV systems. It is therefore possible to use locally available energy sources or process waste heat.

Advantages over the extruder:

  • In contrast to the extruder, the ThermoMajor does not need any wearing parts and thus reduces the reprocessing costs to a minimum.
  • clear added value of the treated bean due to nutritive higher quality product characteristics.
  • Safe operation for man and machine due to the exclusion of fire hazards.
  • Unlike the usual hydrothermal process, the Thermo Major does not require steam. Thus, fewer system components are required: roller mill, steam generators and dryers eliminated.
  • Higher energy efficiency as only the bean is heated and not the draught.

Advantages compared to the hydrothermal process:

  • In contrast to the usual hydrothermal process, the ThermoMajor does not require steam. This means that fewer system components are required: Roller mill, steam generator and dryer are not required. This reduces both the investment sum for the plant and the energy costs in the treatment process.

The effectiveness of the process was proven in a field trial as part of a scientific study in cooperation with Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and Evonik Industries AG – Nutrition & Care Division.

Several ThermoMajor plants are already in operation worldwide. They are used for the production of full-fat soy and for thermal soy preparation before pressing.

Our customers have also been able to achieve significant reductions in feed quantity and growth time when feeding their animals with Thermo-Major processed soya (source/video: Complete line with location in Ukraine: piglets or pigs were fed that needed only 5 months instead of the original 6 months to reach the desired weight).

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Machine overview THERMO-MAJOR:

Complete package consisting of metering screw, thermal screws on frame, holding hopper, discharge screw, electrical material with fully automatic control, installation material. Expandable to a complete production line.

Video of a complete oil mill for processing soya beans based on the Florapower ThermoMajor. Capacity 400-500kg/h

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