About Us

About UsDesign, planning, manufacture and worldwide execution of oil mills for vegetable oil production.

The company Florapower GmbH deals with regenerative resources and the circular economy in the feed and food processing industry. In this context, plants are developed and produced that can produce vegetable oil from seeds and other oil-containing raw materials.

The occupation with regenerative resources, as well as the economic implementation of the circular economy is a great necessity of our time and a matter close to our hearts. There is still a lot of development potential here and thus a good breeding ground for new ideas.

The company Florapower was founded in December 2006 in Augsburg. The two founders and 100% owners are industrial engineers who gained their experience in the automotive supply industry.

We produce complete, automated and environmentally friendly systems, which have a high degree of squeezing and are easy to operate with low operating costs. We want our customers to achieve a high contribution margin with the Florapower plants in the long term.

In cooperation with our customers, new solutions are constantly being developed that allow us to make the oil recovery process even more efficient. These ideas then take shape in our technical center. Our machines are built exclusively in Germany. For this purpose, we make use of the experience of highly specialized companies located in the Augsburg region.

The initial products of Florapower were self-developed and produced universal vegetable oil presses. In the course of time, more and more new products were added, such as the I_Press series of screw presses, seed metering preheater, hard kernel press, soybean processing plant, continuous coarse filter, centrifugal huller, vegetable oil flow heater and vegetable oil prepress for very oily seeds. A specially developed control system ensures optimum interaction between the individual components.

We have already carried out pressing trials with all the seeds listed in the Infothek, as well as with others. We would like to gain experience with the seeds not yet listed. Our energy-efficient, fully automated plants process not only rapeseed, soy, hemp / cannabis and sunflower seeds (hulled and unhulled), but also other more complex raw materials such as various hulled nuts and insects, but also side streams from production such as potato chips, cookies, biomass, shells, and many more.

Through several soy processing projects with the company Meika Tierernährung GmbH and the company Vitakorn Biofuttermittel Ges.mbH, high expertise could also be acquired in the field of urease degradation.

We are proud of our successes and our satisfied customers and continue to focus our activities primarily on the requirements and satisfaction of our customers.