Pressing peeled and structureless seeds and nuts

Pressing oily or peeled seeds as well as structureless material including nuts

After years of development and research work, we have developed a special system configuration that combines several advantages:

  • Increases the degree of extrusion by up to 25% compared to standard screw press configurations
  • Flexibly adjustable degree of pressing (oil content in the press cake)
  • Efficient processing of different types of seeds with the same press
  • Pressing up to 100% peeled seeds in a fully automated and continuous process
  • effective control of the pressing temperature to maintain protein functionality in the press cake

We have called this system configuration the “Oil-U-Want” configuration. Large-scale processing capacities of up to several tons per hour can be achieved.

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You can find some example videos of the system operating with peeled seeds here:

Completely peeled hemp nuts: over 71% protein content possible in the press cake

Peeled sunflower seeds: over 50% protein content possible in the press cake