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You have the seeds – we have the solution!

Florapower GmbH deals with regenerative resources and the circular economy in the feed and food processing industry. In this context, individual processes are developed, plants built and production lines implemented worldwide – completely turnkey on request.

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Flora-Split makes it possible to utilize plant-based raw materials including side-streams economically. Also if you want to use functional dietary fibers as an ingredient in your products, we will be happy to support you.

Solvent-free and continuous CBD/THC extraction

Solvent free and continuous
CBD / THC – extraction of hemp biomass with our screw presses

Thermal Seed Processing with Thermo-Major®

The patented Florapower Thermo-Major® low-temperature process is our in-house development and unique worldwide.

Pressing of peeled and structureless seed

After years of development and research, we have developed a special equipment configuration that combines several advantages:

Oil refining

Refining of filtered oil in a multi-stage process to remove undesirable substances

Solvent extraction

In contrast to mechanical oil extraction using screw presses or expellers, in solvent extraction the oil is extracted from the raw material using a solvent such as hexane, ethanol or supercritical fluids such as CO2 or steam.

Mechanical extraction

In mechanical extraction, the oil is pressed out of the seed by means of volume reduction. In contrast to the past, when the use of manual stamp presses was common, nowadays only screw presses / expellers are mainly used.


Florapower Thermo-Major®

Thermal seeds treatment and conditioning for soybeans and other types of raw materials.

Florapower screw presses

Our screw presses are available in two different model series. They can be flexibly configured to the respective product and offer highest yields with a reliable production process.

Oil filtration

Depending on the application and capacity, we offer different filtration technologies : chamber filter press / pressure leaf filters and Cricketfilters / decanters and centrifuges / process safety filters

Control System Press-Pilot

The specially developed Florapower “Press-Pilot®” process control system aims to optimally coordinate the production process and make it as stable, safe and efficient as possible.


Florapower customers place their trust in us because Florapower delivers exceptional support and service – around the clock, around the world.

We also support you in the construction planning and implementation (assembly) of your project, as well as in the financing of your plant.


Not all seed varieties can be processed without problems in a classical cold pressing process and an oil press with universal configuration…

Factory planning

From idea to the producing factory – we support you actively with our know-how.

Spare parts

All our plants and machines are designed for industrial use and continuous operation…

Remote support

Our intelligent “Press-Pilot®” process control system allows you to keep a constant eye on the pressing process and the maintenance status of the line…


Despite the high degree of automation, in the long term a plant is only as good as its operators…

We are happy to advise and support you with possible financing models, such as the Akkreditv…

Contract pressing and press testing

We operate six test centers worldwide, where we press new domestic and exotic seed varieties and materials and derive processing procedures and press configurations from the findings.


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