Contract pressing and press testing

We operate five test centers worldwide, where we press new domestic and exotic seed varieties and materials and derive processing procedures and press configurations from the findings.

We would also be happy to carry out a pressing test with your seed and analyze the results in an independent laboratory. For a detailed pressing test we need approx. 200-500kg of the material to be pressed, which you send to us in Augsburg.

The costs for a pressing test incl. laboratory analysis amount to approx. 1500 EUR per seed variety on average, depending on the seed and the effort involved. If you wish, you can participate in the pressing test personally.

The press test gives you the following advantages:

  • Reliable economic findings for future production in terms of plant capacity (kg/h) and yield (mass balance from seed, oil and press cake).
  • Familiarization with the suitable process for processing your seed variety with the specific product parameters
  • Tips and advice on technology and process optimization for your seed variety
  • Written summary of the pressing test incl. laboratory data
  • Written summary of the pressing test incl. laboratory data
  • Free pressing trial in case you order an oil mill within 3 months after the pressing trial

Please use the contact form for an inquiry or contact us by phone for detailed advice and further information.