Flora-Split (engl)

Recovery of valuable substances from plant material and side streams

The Flora-Split technology enables you to economically utilise plant raw materials including plant residues in the context of the circular economy. Even if you want to use functional dietary fibres as an ingredient in your products, we will be happy to support you.

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  • We believe that sustainability makes sense, also in financial terms.
  • We believe that sustainability looks good and feels good.
  • We believe that the choices we make can make a difference.
  • We believe that waste can be turned into added value.

The patented process makes it possible to economically recycle plant raw materials as well as plant residues.

Your Advantages:

  • Provision of health-promoting dietary fibres and valuable proteins
  • High water-binding capacity (approx. 400 vol%) of the dietary fibres obtained with the Flora-Split process
  • Solvent-free production by means of natural and gentle digestion of the plant material in aqueous solution
  • The proteins and dietary fibres contain no or only minimally perceptible flavouring substances.
  • Increased added value from plant products
  • All plant constituents with a weight content of >1% are extractable and can be used commercially
  • Production plants can be scaled up as required
  • Sustainable method by recycling the process water used

Examples of materials we have worked with:
Sesame, sunflower, soy (and okara), red lentils, chickpeas, cashew, beets, asparagus, mustard bran, cabbage, banana peel, apple pomace, mashed potatoes

We offer:

  • Investigations into the utilization possibilities of plant residues.
  • Protein production by aqueous digestion processes.
  • Purification of water-soluble and insoluble fiber.
  • Laboratory and technical center tests to provide sample samples.
  • Improvements in the sensory properties of obtained proteins and fiber.
  • Protein concentration of press cake
  • Planning and construction of systems for the utilization of by-products in the sense of the circular economy.

Our team of researchers and engineers can help you meet your specific requirements.

We are at your disposal for further information or visit http://www.florasplit.de for further information.