Oil refining

Florapower offers solutions for refining all types of oils and fats, as well as cocoa butter with a capacity of from 6t oil per day.

The different sections that make up the plant are designed and manufactured using the most advanced technologies, offering maximum flexibility.

We place particular emphasis on reducing environmental impact and low energy consumption by using the most innovative technologies and components available on the market.

Refining generally consists of the following process steps:

Degumming and neutralization

(fully automatic and continuous process)

Crude oils are neutralized using either chemical or physical processes.

In the first case, the fatty acids are converted into soap using caustic soda; in the second case, they are removed using steam.

Bleaching and filtering

The bleaching plant can be combined with dry degumming before physical refining.


In this step, soluble waxes are bound at defined temperatures and mechanically removed from the oil.

Deodorization/Physical Refining

Due to their properties, some oils and fats – such as palm, palm kernel, coconut oil, tallow, etc. – can be deacidified and deodorized in a single step. In some cases this can be achieved after very efficient degumming with sunflower, soybean, rapeseed, corn oils, etc.

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