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Baumwolle mit weißem Hintergrund

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Cottonseed oil

Cottonseed oil is one of the most widely produced vegetable oils in the world, accounting for about 13-16% of the total.

It is produced in large quantities as a by-product of cotton production in the textile industry.

Due to its naturally high content of mucilage, protein bodies and toxic gossypol, a refining step is necessary during production. When refined, it has a light yellow color, faint earthy odor, and mild nutty flavor.


On a large scale, it is obtained in a two-step process, using both mechanical extraction and solvent extraction:

In the first step, the processed seed is mechanically pre-pressed so that the residual fat content in the press cake is about 18-20%.

In the second step, this press cake enters the solvent extraction (usually with hexane). There, the oil content is reduced to below 1%. The result is meal, which is used as not particularly high-quality animal feed, and two types of cottonseed oil, which is given its final characteristics in further refining and bleaching steps.


In Food Industry

In food production, the oil is used worldwide in numerous creamy and foamy products such as peanut butter, margarine and potato chips.

In cosmetics and medicine

In der Kosmetik und Medizin findet das Öl als Zutat für Cremes und Ampullen Anwendung

In der Industrie

In industry, cottonseed oil is used as a fuel component for internal combustion engines.

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